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Welcome to Petag...   We are HIPAA Compliant!!

We are one of the largest recyclers of silver bearing films (X-ray film, lithographic, industrial, etc.) in the world.   We have been recycling XRay films and silver for over 30 years.   Petag is a very "green", environmentally sound, company.   Even our logo is based on the sky, the earth and the sun, and how everything is recycled.   Everything that comes to us is recycled 100%, including pallets, gaylords, and paper files.   We are the only people that can process Dryview®, Drystar®, DryPro®, type films at 100% levels, and completely recycle the silver and plastic back into useful markets.   If your recycler can't handle dry laser films, we can.

Petag is HIPAA compliant and can assist it's customers in becoming HIPAA compliant.   We know HIPAA is not HIPPA, and a lot more.   We can help meet all of your needs with compliance, including training, contracts, and silver recovery from the film which contains PHI (Protected Health Information).

If you need someone to recycle your scrap or file film, try us and enjoy better returns.


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3 - 29 - 2003
Petag offers HIPAA training to the film industry through workshops and consulting services.

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